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5 Red Hot Dating Tips for Women

5 Red Hot Dating Tips for Women By: Kymmie Krieger It's the 21st-century ladies! Time to get out there, date away, and look RED HOT doing it! If you're looking for a relationship, the tricks and tips aren't just for the men anymore. No ma’am! As strong, independent, and beautiful women, we have the ability […]

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Why Do Men Pull Away?

Why Do Men Pull Away By: Kymmie Krieger Sometimes it’s actually easier to read good ol’ Fido’s mind than our man’s. Right? Whether you just met the love of your life last week or the two of you have been together for what seems like forever, from time to time, men tend to take a […]

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6 Reasons Why He Didn't Call You

6 Reasons Why He Didn't Call You By: Kymmie Krieger The dreaded blow-off – we all know the tell-tale signs, though we desperately try so hard to ignore them. We’d all like to think the sun and stars revolve around us, but unfortunately, ladies, they simply don’t. And sometimes, what men want and what you […]

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