6 Reasons Why He Didn't Call You

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6 Reasons Why He Didn't Call You

By: Kymmie Krieger

The dreaded blow-off – we all know the tell-tale signs, though we desperately try so hard to ignore them.

We’d all like to think the sun and stars revolve around us, but unfortunately, ladies, they simply don’t. And sometimes, what men want and what you have are on a comet-sized collision course, leading to a lot of non-glittery dust and absolutely no chemistry.

Bummer, right? But cheer up! The good news is that if we actually listen to what makes a woman attractive to that other species we call “men,” we can acquire vastly impressive data as to why he didn't call you back.

So, let’s assess…Shall we?

He’s Got the Sixth Sense

We all know guys are really aliens, and they have an uncanny sixth sense that is simply not on our radar. They can tell by your demeanor if you're high maintenance or not. Let's use this as an example.

In a span of two minutes, you started showing your orbital path by bombarding the warp engines with social media.

Your thumbs are bigger than gourds because you're Tweeting and Facebooking every blow-by-blow, and the selfies are annoying, ego stroking annoyances that he can’t ward off.

When the check arrives, though you know he’s obviously going to foot the bill for having the pleasure of enjoying your mere presence, you vanish like a small planet entering a black hole. Basically, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And…you blew it!

He didn’t call you because your engine’s dripping with drama, girlfriend!

You’re Hanging Too Loosely

Let’s be honest here. Intimacy is a wonderful thing. But in the parking lot after a few drinks? Not a great plan.

The most ridiculous phrase ever uttered by a woman is "I never, ever do this. You're special." Suuuuuure. What makes a woman attractive to a man is exclusivity.

So, go slow. Sure, he's gravitated toward you all night, but gravity is a tricky thing. He could merely be a total nutcase dressed in a suit of magnets.

So, play it cool. Don't give him YOUR number. Ask for his. Stay in control. This way he’ll be the one waiting for you to call. And then, wait a few days before ringing him up. Be subtle and polite.

What men want is the thrill of the chase. So, “wow” him without ramming into his spaceship. Allowing early entry will almost always cause your ship to burn up quickly.

He's a Fast Mover

This one is really simple. If he wants it and wants it now, buh-bye. You're a jewel, not a box of Bisquick. Enough said!

You’re a “Chatty-Cathy”

We all know those people who drive us up the wall because they never, ever stop talking. So, don’t be one of them! Stop rambling on and on, telling him about how all of your old pals are married and you're the last woman standing.

It simply begs the question on his part, "Why? What’s wrong with her?" And frankly, he probably doesn't give a rat's patoot about your previous love-life, nor did he ask to hear about it.

Instead, ask him questions, and listen to him tell you what makes a woman attractive. Most of all, learn the art of conversation. This means you talk, he listens. He talks, you listen.

Stay on point, and don't go swinging-off into another galaxy. If the subject is what men want, don't start a different topic mid-flight…or you may drop of his radar permanently.

You’re Just Too Much Trouble

Go ahead, play "hard to get.” If not “over-done” it can be effective for a short spell; however, guys have a yet another sense.

If you're inaccessible and impossible to penetrate (and we're not talking in the biblical sense), well, then why did they put such strong porcelain-based panels on ye olde Space Shuttle?

Focus, ladies! Flirting with the bartender shows your future beau that you're a rudderless rocket to nowhere. So, throw him a bone once in a while if you want a call in return.

He Pities You…But It’s Just Not Enough

Though this is never a fun subject to broach, a movie title does come to mind in this regard: "He's Just Not That Into You." Get the picture?

If he’s not calling, his pity for your pathetic-ness may simply not be enough to obligate him to pick up and dial. He may feel like you’re overloaded with qualities that are not what makes a woman attractive in his mind.

It could be personal. It could be that he's a twit. But you have the force, Luke (or Lukette). So, use it. This world isn't coming to an end in a fiery blaze because he didn’t call.

There will be other nights, other places, and other guys.

Clearly, this crazy, little planet we call “Earth” is composed of emotional beings (women) and the elusive aliens (men, of course). But the bottom line remains that if you want him to call, you must know yourself first, and you'll soon discover what men really want.

So, search the skies for the alien that “gets” you best, and when you find him, hold on tight (not in a death grip), and enjoy your voyage!

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