5 Red Hot Dating Tips for Women

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5 Red Hot Dating Tips for Women

By: Kymmie Krieger

It's the 21st-century ladies! Time to get out there, date away, and look RED HOT doing it!

If you're looking for a relationship, the tricks and tips aren't just for the men anymore. No ma’am! As strong, independent, and beautiful women, we have the ability to dominate the dating scene just as well, if not better, than men.

That said, it’s always good to have a few sweet smelling tricks up our sleeve when looking for a relationship.

While that might be easier said than done, here are five red hot dating tips for women that are guaranteed to keep you in control, looking sexy, having fun, and on the prowl for the man of your dreams.

Color Me Red

Red is hot! It's no surprise that men are aesthetic creatures, drawn to beauty and bright, shiny objects from across the room.

If you want to feel flirty, fun, and sexy while having the time of your life out on the town and looking for a relationship, simply slip into that sexy, red dress that you haven't worn in years or dab on some bold, red lipstick to draw attention to yourself… and your killer smile.

Men are inadvertently drawn to the color red like wild animals in nature. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

You will intrigue him and maybe slightly intimidate him, but ultimately, you’ll pique his interest. And he’ll be falling all over you… all night long.

Dress to Kill

This is Pretty Woman 101! One of the most attractive things that a woman can do is feel confident and sexy when she makes an appearance for the evening.

Don't fret or be self-conscious about sporting that dress that one of your girlfriends told you might be a little too short or digging out those “oh-so-sexy” high heels that you haven't worn in years because they may slightly ride the “temptress border.”

When it comes to dating tips for women who are looking for a relationship, your first impression and appearance must have an elegant mix of both class and sexiness.

Feel confident in whatever you slip into, and you’ll be truly irresistible.

Ditch the Crowd

Numbers intimidate the male species! Period.

So, there are a few different perks to flying solo or with just one or two other co-conspirators when you're out perusing the dating scene and looking for a relationship.

Again, men are easily intimidated by clucking groups of women. When you travel in a herd, you are less approachable due to his lack of confidence and fear of rejection in front of others.

Additionally, you want to be the most beautiful, attractive, and fun-loving woman in the room, don’t you? So, why would you bring your own competition with you?

One of the top dating tips for women is ensuring that you are exclusively the hottest woman in the room. So, make sure it tops your list!

Embrace Your Progressive Side

As mentioned earlier, ladies, it's the 21st-century, and the dating scene has changed since our mothers (and grandmothers) were hunting for their men. And, because times have changed, so have dating tips for women and our approach towards reeling in the male species.

Naturally, a good man will generally decline, in any era, a woman picking up the bill for him or opening her own door; however, the sexy factor of a strong, independent woman who is willing and able to take care of herself is an “off-the-charts” turn on… and a great way to stay progressive!

Tease, Don't Please

A little teasing never hurt anyone!

While it's a common sense that a man's brain will usually take that statement and turn it around to "please, don't tease," truth be told, unless he's just in it for the night, he actually wants you to say no the first or second time that you go on a date (yes, in the bedroom).

You've already shown him you’re A-game, dressed to the max, put on those sexy heels, and doused your lips in the deepest, most seductive red lipstick you could find, so he's got plenty to keep his active imagination company.

So, if you're really looking for a relationship, let the strong and sultry image of you tide him over for at least a few weeks (or months) before he just can't take it anymore… and neither can you!

And there you have it - sexy, red hot dating tips for women who are actively looking for a relationship… that you can use today!

Simply keep your sexiness factor on a level you're confident in and comfortable with, and always add a smidge of class to the mix to keep him coming back for more

Being RED hot and sexy has never been so black and white!

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