About: Kymmie Krieger 

Author Kymmie Krieger

Kymmie Krieger, founder and President of BeWriteWithYou.com, is passionate about helping YOU (yes, you) find success along your love journey, aboard your love boat, or inside whatever “love vehicle” you choose.

Yes, love is a choice! With over ten years of experience in the dating / relationship / “male-female world of craziness” niche, Kymmie is a relationship expert and copywriter, who believes every woman deserves to find her Prince Charming (but she knows, all too well, that you’ll have to kiss plenty of frogs first to find him).

In 2013, Kymmie served as the Senior Editor and Lead Marketing Director of Women Online Magazine and is now the accomplished author of the forthcoming relationship book “Head Over Heels.”

Kymmie is also a dedicated member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), supporting the movement of the “The Power to be YOU!”

With a BBA, Masters of Education, and over a decade of professional writing experience, Kymmie is a published author, editor, and copywriter who inspires readers and clients alike with her finely-polished words and strategic outlook on dating, life, relationships, and self-development.

Kymmie lives on the sunny beaches of South Florida with her husband and the two “furry” loves of her life, Bella (white lab) and Bonnie (chocolate lab) – simply proving that true love really is possible!

To work with Kymmie, read more of her articles, or learn more about her writing services, please visit: BeWriteWithYou.com