4 Tips on How to Get a Boyfriend

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4 Tips on How to Get a Boyfriend

By: Kymmie Krieger

That's it! You’ve had it - the last straw. One too many friends have suggested that you get a cat to keep you company, and you just can't take it any longer.

You've spent enough time moping over your ex, weighing the options, living the single life, and reflecting back on your life. Enough is enough! It's finally time, and you know that you know... that you really DON’T know how to get a boyfriend or even where to start.

But don't panic! We all have those moments of sheer confusion, doubt, and action-less paralysis.

If you don't remember how to get “back on the horse” or perhaps you've never even tried, here are a few simple tips to get a boyfriend (that don’t involve kitty litter)!

Are You Free?

When looking for a boyfriend, ask around and see if any of your friends or co-workers know any cute, available men.

You don't have to come off as desperate, but there's nothing wrong with having a casual convo with a friend and putting out there how "great" it would be if she knew someone (hint, hint, wink, wink).

Or simply joke with a coworker that you’re only going to lunch with her if she brings along a handsome friend who isn't “taken” or gives you some tips to get a boyfriend as cute as hers. And don't stop there!

If you're looking for a boyfriend, remember to flash those pearly whites when you see someone you're interested in. In fact, practice smiling at men even if you’re not interested, so it becomes natural.

Don't always leave it to him to start up a conversation. We have brains, too, and we’re perfectly capable of saying "Hey, beautiful day, huh?" just as quick as they can.

Whatever your approach, the first step is admitting that you’re actually looking for a boyfriend. So, kick your ego to the curb, and admit to your friends (and yourself) that it's high time you find yourself a stud-muffin!

Do You Have “a Thing?”

Ladies, eating Ben & Jerry’s is not a hobby. And while knitting may be fun, if you really want some tips to get a boyfriend, the second one is finding an activity that requires leaving the house.

If you like to read, go to a coffee shop or bookstore. If you're into fitness, you can't hear his sexy voice if you have headphones in and you're jogging away.

Try hitting the gym, taking a look around, and putting yourself in a position to make casual eye contact with the cutie on the treadmill.

Local magazines, Craigslist, and community centers are all great places to learn about events, activities, charities, and groups in your area to help you explore your boyfriend options.

So, take a few small steps outside of your comfort zone, and just get out there, girl!

Will You Just Stop?

Take a chill pill…seriously! We've moved past the era where woman shove themselves into corsets, starve themselves to show off their cheekbones, and laugh incessantly at the jester in the court to get attention.

These acts are tired, and guys are wise to them nowadays. You may be surprised by the lack of effort that you truly have to put in when looking for a boyfriend.

What you consider uninteresting about yourself may be the coolest thing he's ever heard because it comes wrapped in the package of a girl that isn’t obsessing over what everyone thinks of her.

And do you know why that's intriguing? Because he doesn't care either! Men who are looking for a girlfriend don't care about your contrived appearance and that you can only squeeze into those size 2 jeans laying down on the bed after your 3-day liquid diet.

Because once the honeymoon's over, if you can't talk, laugh, and enjoy each other, it's simply been a waste of his time (and yours, Miss Kitty)!

Would You Make Your Own List?

You can't even begin to find a boyfriend, if you don't know what you're looking for. And you can't know what you're looking for, if you don't know yourself.

If women compared their lists of desired qualities and attributes to a man’s list, they’d surprisingly find a lot of the same characteristics make the final ballot. A sense of humor, honesty, sincerity, confidence, strength, kindness, etc. - the list would go on and on, but you get the point.

One of many tips to get a boyfriend is to take your top five traits, and apply them to yourself. Would you even make your own list?

So, let’s sum up all your new tips to get a boyfriend. Make sure you’re available, have your own “thing,” don’t obsess, and make sure you make your own list.

It’s really that simple! Regardless of how you decide to market yourself, make sure to weigh your options, and don't fall for any old Joe.

Take the time to soul search, and emerge as the epitome of your own desires, and you'll find that one day you’ll wake up and walk right into the man you almost forgot you were looking for.

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