30 Sizzling Ways to Play On What Turns Men On

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30 Sizzling Ways to Play On What Turns Men On

By: Kymmie Krieger

Ready to unlock the secret to what turns men on?

The entire female realm is right here with you! Men have been a mystery since the beginning of time, but what hasn’t always been a secret is how to turn up their thermostat (That’s right – turn up the heat!).

Every guy has different “turn-ons,” and they may be more surprising than you’d ever guess.

So, what’s the secret? The moment you decide to take control of the relationship and make a move, well, let’s just say that everyone will be happy (most of all…him).

Whether you're in a relationship or hoping to be soon, these 30 tips will lead you straight to what turns men on!

1. Talk more like a man (Get to the point quicker - keep the stories short.).
2. Wear perfume.
3. Use body language.
4. Whisper in his ear.
5. Show him that you're turned on.
6. Bite your lip while you're having a conversation.
7. Touch him in small ways.
8. Give him a massage.
9. Dance with him.
10. Try a little role play.
11. Build the anticipation all day (You know what I mean!).
12. Don’t be high maintenance.
13. Set the mood.
14. Surprise him at the door.
15. Show off your silly side.

Spoiler alert - prepare yourself for something that may shock you! What turns men on isn’t always necessarily all about sex. WHAT??? Tight dresses, skimpy shirts, and high heels aren’t the only way to catch a man’s attention. Again…what??? It’s true!

Adding small personal touches to your time together can go farther than you could ever imagine. Men aren’t always as shallow as they’re portrayed. Being creative on all fronts is the most effective way to figure out what turns men on and leave them begging for more!

16. Make the first move.
17. Don't try to be overly sexy.
18. Take a bath for two.
19. Plan your next date.
20. Become his fantasy.
21. Wear your heart on your sleeve.
22. Hold him tight – hugs go a long way.
23. Just smile—really!
24. Write a sexy love note (or text).
25. Show off your talents.
26. Try something new.
27. Be suggestive.
28. Put aside your inhibitions.
29. Indulge his quirks.
30. Help with the tough, everyday tasks.

It’s really that simple! So, now that you know what turns men on, what are you waiting for?

Get out there, and use your feminine wiles to remind your man why he was so attracted to you in the first place. Take the lead, and your man will be left sizzling on the burner once you’re done with him!

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FREE Report Reveals - Seven Steps to Finding and Keeping a Man

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